I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
L.M. Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables

I wonder if birthday months tend to be everyone’s favorite month of the year? October days are some of my favorite! The skies hues begin to change, we’re in our journey towards shorter days and there’s an abundance of color in the leaves from the first frost.

The Boutique is reflecting nature’s changes. Walking in, you can smell our latest autumn candle burning and enjoy an abundance of smiley jack-o-lanterns just waiting to greet you. As we step into October, let’s enjoy all that surrounds us. Celebrate the seasons change with a cup of hot cider, a slice of caramel apple pie, and take time to see all the beauty in our sweet mountain community!

And yes, it is my birthday month. The greatest gifts I’ve been given are my family and friends, and a store where these worlds collide. Thank you for being a part of my dream!

❤ Dawne