“May, the month of sunshine, blooming flowers, and endless possibilities.” -Unknown

I promise, I am not a stalker! I do love to drive through neighborhoods and admire the beauty many residences hold; a beautifully manicured lawn, inviting front door, florals blooming, and fun outdoor decor.

This month we added an area in our boutique to help bring your senses alive! Under our white light tree, we have a water feature, trellis, and a tree swing. Our desire is to start up those creative juices to fill up your favorite spaces for a season of rest and blooms.

Our home needs to be a sanctuary. As we go about our days in our workplace, kids in school, sports, traveling- I invite you to work on making your home a safe haven of rest and filling your soul with beauty and a calmness. The world continues to whirl & our schedules will always fill up. Before summer arrives, I encourage putting into place a time to dream, enjoy the beauty of all that is blossoming physically and metaphorically.

One of my most favorite things to do, to slow myself down and enjoy the season, is to make myself a Lemon Drop Martini and slowly sip and consider all the possibilities that lay before me. If you would like to indulge, try my recipe for a Lavender Lemon Drop or make yourself a Lemon Lavender Mocktail. Let me know which is your favorite!

♥︎ Dawne