previewI find the beginning of a new year very exciting! My mind floods with all the possibilities in front of me; where do I want to invest my time & energy, what new healthy lifestyle do I want to implement, how should the boutique displays and windows get changed up…

As you can read, I am a person who questions a lot!

So, if you’re like me and do not know what to do with all the questions that fill your head, might I make a suggestion?

Begin to journal. I cannot think of a better time to start this practice than the beginning of a new year. Journaling helps to put on paper all the questions, the hopes, the dreams, and even a plan.

This boutique was born out of my questions! What if we added gifts to our front store in Ace? Would passerby’s see into our window some unique items and be teased to come in and take a closer look?

I have found putting my thoughts in a journal kind of begins to put in place the desire to pursue answers. Journaling helps to process what is taking place between my mind and my heart. I have conjured things that I thought would be a dream, but after processing it realized that idea might not be right for me. But as for our gift department, well the first step in our front store led to what we now have in a boutique!

Here’s a little insight into my current journaling for the new year; what would it look like to be able to open up a scholarship for our local graduating seniors at Mount Shasta High School? Do students still pursue business degrees and want to own their own small business? What products should we consider bringing in this year? What zany fun ideas should we add to our events schedule?

If I could gift you two things this year, it would be a journal and a dream. In a world that can feel chaotic sometimes, my hope for you is that you find time and space to journal your thoughts, pursue your dreams, and find 2024 to be a year like no other. Did you know, each of you were written into my journal pages while dreaming about this little business? One could never know what magic takes place as we dream and journal!