We just returned from market and are excited about what we’re bringing you this year in the boutique!

January and February may slow down for the rest of the world, but as for us, we keep charging ahead to freshen up the store and reimagine our look and taste in merchandise.

Our boutiques focus is to create a space for our community to find items to make their home lovely and the just the right elements to celebrate our loved ones. As I look to what makes my home my own unique lovely, it’s filling my space with pictures of my family through the years, décor that rests my soul and livens my senses, a cozy reading chair with a throw blanket and a few books on my end table to indulge in when I have time to relax.

This spring, we’re making some changes to lines we’re carrying. We will be saying farewell to a few to make room for what makes more sense for our vision. Brenda and I in Las Vegas found some fun new companies that will accomplish exactly how I want the store curated for you! There will be a new fragrance line from an island off of Italy, a few new baby and children’s lines with some amazing price points (one company is from Australia), a new line of beautiful pajama sets (from England) that will want you to not leave home! I want you to feel like a world traveler as you visit this little shop downtown.

My hope for you in 2024 is that you find your way to making your own spaces lovely and cozy. I so appreciate each of you and the uniqueness you bring to our boutique community. I’d love to hear the ways you enjoy your home and ways you celebrate your loved ones. May we all find joy in the hope of a coming spring.

♥︎ DawneSet featured image


For our Radiance candle fans, we have some new additions to their line arriving this spring! They are in vessels like we haven’t seen yet. I literally squealed when I saw them in the showroom!.