“I need a six-month vacation, twice a year.” -Unknown

As summer approaches, my soul begins that urgent desire to plan a vacation. Normally, it is too late to plan a summer trip, but I notice I am longing for time spent in the Mediterranean (I have never been, I think my desire grows from all the travel accounts I follow, along with Hallmark movies and what I imagine from cinema efforts like Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Love Pray, Mama Mia…) during June and July. It is a dream to possibly explore unknown regions in the coming years, and one of the ways I begin my journey is through a book!

This month, we will begin our summer collections with our theme, Travel with Us. I have curated pieces for the home to encourage your imagination towards traveling abroad. I promise, it will be far less expensive to come in and indulge your senses with our fragrances, home decor, European books and pantry items.

I have truly enjoyed ordering inventory that is coming to us from Italy, France and beyond. I suppose I am hoping that if I add international items to the boutique and into my home, that I may take the next step and actually book a trip to see the places where these items have been crafted. My wish for you all is that you will dream and explore the regions in this world that your heart and soul desires!


♥︎ Dawne