“When are we going on a Fun-cation?” – Keith Ramshaw, 6 years old
When our family was young, I made it a priority to plan vacations and adventurous summer staycations. My youngest seemed to understand the assignment! He began to coin the phrase “Going on a Fun-cation”!

Now that my children are adults, Bill & I love nothing more than having them come home for a visit. My way of showing love in our home has always been to make our spaces lovely. So, when they are headed our way, I begin to add special touches to the areas we will inhabit the most, depending on the time of year.

During the warmer months, we enjoy spending time on the patio or deck with a cocktail and a meal. We always remain at the dining table, discussing our current interests, the trips we dream of taking, and reminiscing of times in our past. And then there is the laughter! Always so much laughter, which leaves our hearts full when it’s time for our loved ones to go home.

I wanted to give you a little insight into my preparations and hope that you gather

some inspiration for yourself.

I would love nothing more than to help you with ways to use what you currently have in your home and how to incorporate them with a few new pieces from our boutique.

The most treasured valuables we have are the ones made with friends and family and remain imprinted on our hearts. I would feel so honored to be included in those memories by seeing our boutique pieces in your family photos.

Cheers to your summer, whatever bouts of lovely it may hold!

♥︎ Dawne

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